Born in New Jersey and raised in northeastern Pennsylvania, Dave Chaump began studying classical piano at the age of seven. He discovered electronic synthesizers early in junior high school and began playing the regional club circuit on a semi-pro level up until his acceptance to the Berklee College of Music , where he attended on a music scholarship and graduated with a B.M. in Professional Music.  After graduation he relocated to California where he was instrumental in forming ABC Entertainment Co.,a firm specializing in providing and booking various forms of entertainment.

Since returning to the east coast, Dave has been working as a professional musician in many roles.  He was hired as music director/keyboardist for the Taylor & Caine showband on board the M.V. Homeric luxury cruise ship which sailed between Manhattan and Bermuda.

Following that, Dave joined the David Rose Band which traveled the east coast showcasing its unique blend of jazz/rock fusion. The band released the critically acclaimed “Harbortown” album which Dave co-produced and on which he also co-wrote a majority of the songs.  Dave also had successful stints with such regional favorites as Blue Sky, High Society, JiveBo, Strawberry Jam, and Intrigue.  As a member of Strawberry Jam, he co-produced the regional best-seller “Spread The Jam” CD.  Throughout his career, Dave has had the honor of opening for such musical luminaries as The Doobie Brothers, The Outlaws, 38 Special, Sawyer Brown, and The Hank Williams Jr. Band.

His company, Dave Chaump Productions, has been active producing advertising music and has had compositions published with D.S.M. Producers in New York City.  Most recently, Dave has been teaching middle school music full time and also leads the band "Groove Train" which has become one of northeastern PA's most sought after private party bands.

In the late 90's, Dave completed a solo CD entitled “New Day”, a refreshing mix of musical genres which has received positive reviews.  The CD is available exclusively on his website “” either through mail order or download.