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Welcome to Dave Chaump Productions, producers of exciting original music for you next commercial production.  Whether it be a memorable advertising jingle, a dramatic score for video, or background music for dialogue, we have the experience and expertise to help your production stand out from the competition through the use of effective, customized music.

At Dave Chaump Productions, we realize that the number one challenge facing commercial productions is finding the right music to complement that great video or ad script without going over budget.  Our solution...inspired music composed exactly to your needs at an affordable price.  And Dave Chaump Productions utilizes the latest digital recording technology to give your product the ‘CD quality’ sound you’ve come to expect.

So the next time you need original music for your commercial production, don’t reach for those generic music library tracks everyone else is using.  Call and let us show you how easy and affordable it is to get original music that works to make your commercial the best it can be.


We all share a love affair with being creative, with being the first to do something nobody else has done before. Original music adds a special edge to your project.

From the earliest days of film, music has accompanied images. Sound is one-half of every audiovisual presentation. And music plays a very important role in every soundtrack. Using music effectively makes productions stronger. Plus, jingles add a musical identity to products, services, and companies. Sadly, many producers don't take as much care with soundtracks as they do with all the images.

When you choose original music, you personalize your production. When composer and director share the same vision, the resulting music, indeed the project as a whole, is that much better.

* Original music creates a convincing atmosphere of time and place.
* Original music underlines elements of character and situation.
* Original music provides a neutral background filler and helps bridge scenes.
* Original music creates a sense of continuity.
* Original music helps build to dramatic finality. (Even a corporate documentary has inherent drama, dramatic continuity, and resolution.

* Original music adds a unique and exciting musical identity to every production.
* Original music is flexible, versatile, and conforms to your exact needs.
* Original music precisely matches screen action, drama, and emotion.
* Original music enhances and supports visual imagery.
* Original music makes the message more memorable.

Sample Project Listings

* First National Bank of Berwick needed a jingle package for their radio campaign to introduce a new group of services.

* The Stereo House in Lewisburg commissioned us to score the music for their radio and TV campaign.

* We composed a musical image package for First Milton State Bank.

* Dave Chaump Productions is signed to a publishing deal with DSM Producers in New York City to compose music for their
All American Composers CD, an exclusive music production utilized by all the of the major networks and which is distributed worldwide by Warner/Chappel Publishing.

* Guaranty Bank invested in a complete advertising jingle package for their most recent radio and television campaign.

* Was hired to write the customized jingle package for First National Community Bank.

* Ertley Motor World asked for a musical image for one of their TV and radio advertising campaigns.

You should be on this list too! Call us when you need original music to enhance your latest project.

Dave Chaump Productions specializes in Jingles, Scores, and Sound Design for business and commercial presentations. When you budget is small, we can help with a special option for productions not needing to buyout the music license. Call for music that works, sounds great, and is affordable !

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today to get started with a memorable music spot !!!!


Dave Chaump Productions works with small advertisers and local accounts. We don't really try to compete for the national accounts or compete with the big music houses. Our niche is small, aggressive companies who market like guerrilla warfare. They can't afford the big bucks, so we save them money in a variety of ways: rights, area restrictions, and some very innovative pricing strategies that include leasing music packages. We're better on their budgets. They don't get saddled with a huge bill because we make their payments easy. They can test the waters.

And we're a small, smart aggressive company too. We give top service and ongoing support. Our in-house studio saves us money and we pass those savings on to our clients. We keep our overhead low and rely on creativity, NOT equipment. And we work extra hard to do good, quality work AND make it affordable.

Most important, we always give something extra to every client. If they want a :60 jingle, we take a few hours to cut a :30 or :15 and add it to their reel. In a month the client will call and ask us for the shorter version. We can tell them it's already done - you can hear the smile on the other end of the phone.

Do good work, price it fairly, and give more than anyone expects. We are a firm believer that what goes around, comes around. Help yourself by helping others. We are willing to go the extra mile for every client. That pays off for everyone.